LUCKKYY®Giant Family Photo Tree Wall Decor Wall Sticker Vinyl Art Home Decals Room Decor Mural Branch Wall Decal Stickers Living Room Bed Baby Room



  • Decorate Baby and Kids Nursery, interior walls or windows of home, bathroom, office, dorm, or store
  • PLEASE NOTE:Picture Frames NOT included.The first branch starts 33″ from the bottom of the trunk.
  • Giant Family Tree Wall Decal,Display your photos on your wall Family Tree Style!
  • Application tool and EASY Step-by-step detailed instructions included!


How to USE: Applying Tree Decal 1.Unroll decal and clear decal membrane. 2. Lay flat on the ground. You may want place books on the edges to help them lay flat. 3. Once they’ve flattened out a little you will want to lay the the clear membrane face down with the lined backing facing you. 4. Tape both ends of the membrane roll to the floor. This is to help it from coming up and sticking together. 5. Peel the lined paper backing off of the membrane. 6. Now carefully center and place each of the three tree decal sheets decal side down on the membrane. 7. Run a credit card over each sheet to make sure that the decal adheres to the membrane. Then pull up the tape and flip it over. 8. Choose your wall and make sure that you have measured 6’6″ in length and 8’2″ in width before applying. 9. Wipe down the wall and make sure that it has had time to dry before applying the decal. 10. Start with the first panel with, it has the largest part for the trunk, and cut out the trunk labeled as number one. 11. You will take the piece you’ve cut out and pull off the white paper backing from the decal sheet, making sure that the decal is only stuck to the clear membrane as you peel off the paper. 12. You will then place this the membrane with the decal against the wall. The sticky side should be towards the wall. 13. Run a credit card along the membrane before slowly peeling it off on a straight down motion, leaving only the decal on the wall. 14. You will work the branches one decal panel at a time going in numerical order. Each branch will have a label at the bottom of the branch. This is the branch number. Any numbers to the side of the branch are where other branches with that number will connect to it. Doing one panel at a time will allow you to work sections of the tree. 15. Once the tree is constructed place the leaves on the branches. I saved all the leaves for last so I could place them evenly among the branches Please Note:Must ensure that your wall are dry and smooth